Process Post #10: Transmedia

Today in class, we had a speaker come in talk to us about the importance of spreading our brand in different ways to do so. Like discussed in Kathryn Lyndsey’s article “UNPOPULAR OPINION: These YouTube Authors are Ruining the Publishing Industry”, she argues that although different forms of media have perhaps taken away the traditional sense of publishing, the importance of sharing content across different platforms is not to be ignored, it has become a hallmark in today’s pop culture society.

There is Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, the list goes on! So many different ways we can connect our blogs to different platforms with the end goal to grow our audience and get our message out to the most people as possible. In my personal circumstance, I cherish my anonymity within my persona and sharing my social media outlets on my blog would mean that readers would get to see who I really am which in my opinion, defeats the whole purpose of the anonymity I have created with Awkward Girl.

There are many individuals in the class that have linked their social media’s to their blogs which has very much helped them grow. I think that if I were to continue on in this journey of blogging and was adamant on keeping my secret persona, I would need to create different accounts to my own personal ones in order to be able to participate in this transmedia style of publishing while assuring the brand (no one knows who the other is) that I wanted.

-Awkward Girl.

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