Process Post #11: Fake News…Am I Fake?

I ask in the title if I’m fake referring to be anonymity. I wonder if though this journey my anonymity makes me “fake news”. Although I am not hurting anyone or saying anything untrue, I am being misleading about my true identity. I think that fake news has done quite some damage in the arena of social media and has caused many upsets and disagreements that have lead to individuals never being sure about the truthfulness of information they read online. Unfortunately , this uncertainty is not going away any time soon as our online world is flooded with fake news. It has become our civil obligations to become aware and practice our media literacy in order to reduce the chances of misinterpreting falsified information.

In most cases of fake news derives from political news stories but has anyone ever considered that perhaps fake news could be extended to other ways of falsifying information on the internet? I personally do not think that I am spreading fake information but perhaps the better term for what I am doing is cat fishing ?

I think that anonymity will always be an important part of my story as a blogger identity and that although readers do not know exactly who I am, I think it contributes to the way my audience interprets and relates with Awkward Girl.

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