Process Post #6: Awkward Girl, The Persona.

Who am I? Who am I online? Who is Awkward Girl?

Well so far, I am known as awkward girl. As I see it, awkward girl is not an “it” girl but more of an “every” girl. I imagine my reader as anyone who is looking for an online connection with someone that they can easily relate to. Someone who inspires others to embrace their authentic selves instead of feeling forced into marginalized boxes. While reading my site, I want more than anything for readers to feel inspired to embrace a little bit more of who they are in a world that is constantly trying to determine that for us.

If you’re looking for quantifiable characteristics of who my audience represents, I would say that my reader is probably around my age or a bit younger, most likely female (since it’s probably easier to relate to an online persona who most resembles yourself) as well as someone who lives in North America (since realistically this is the audience that would most likely come across my website). Although these would be the characteristics I would use to describe my most realistic and probable reader, this blog is not restricted to this limited audience. I really want anyone from any background, gender or sexual orientation to feel like they can relate to my content in some way.

I think the great thing about awkward girl is that she is anonymous (sort of, since you can read a little blurb about my actual self on my about page but still). I don’t want to reveal my real name, maybe ever, (in my blog posts) because I feel like it takes away from one of the most charming aspects of awkward girl and one that makes her the most relatable. Because the readers have to put their own face to awkward girl, she is truly who they imagine her to be. One of the best parts of reading in my opinion is trying to envision characters from books and novels in real life and what they would be like. Once a movie adaptation of that story is released, the illusion of who you’ve made them up to be is chattered and you are forced to comply with the envisioned character of someone else. I know this seems a little far fetched or overthought but that is truly why I believe that the anonymity of awkward girl is so important to who she is as a blogger, not only for herself (myself) but for her readers. They personalize awkward girl to be the most relatable to themselves which transforms her into more than just an unknown identity behind a computer screen, but more of a friend.

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